The House I Live In
First screened in October 2012
Director: Eugene Jarecki. Documentary about the U.S.'s ill-conceived and structurally unworkable "War on Drugs." Interview subjects include Nannie Jeter, David Simon, Richard Lawrence Miller, Shanequa Benitez, Carl Hart, Hon. Mark Bennett, Maurice Haltiwanger, Anthony Johnson, Kevin Ott, Charles Bowden, Michelle Alexander, Charles Ogletree, William Julius Wilson, Eric Franklin, Fabio Zuena, Dennis Whidbee, Julie Stewart, David Kennedy, Gabor Maté, Larry Cearly, Mark Mauer. Screenplay: Eugene Jarecki.
Twitter Capsule: Vivid, broad, pedagogically lucid. More coherent than prior Jarecki docs, despite repetitions and iffy spots.

Photo © 2012 Abramorama/Charlotte Street Films
Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

Sundance Film Festival: Grand Jury Prize (Documentary)

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