Hollywood Ending
First screened in May 2012
Director: Woody Allen. Cast: Woody Allen, Téa Leoni, Mark Rydell, Treat Williams, Debra Messing, Jodie Markell, George Hamilton, Barney Cheng, Yu Lu, Mark Webber, Tiffani Thiessen, Peter Gerety, Isaac Mizrahi, Marian Seldes, Fred Melamed, Erica Leehrsen, Aaron Stanford, Greg Mottola, Gregg Edelman, Neal Huff, Douglas McGrath. Screenplay: Woody Allen.
Twitter Capsule: From lighting to scripting to mugging to framing, an exercise in garish self-contempt. Leoni wasted, as so often.

Photo © 2002 DreamWorks SKG
Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: D–

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