Hòa Bình
Screened in July 2013
Director: Raoul Coutard. Cast: Phi Lan, Huynh Cavezas, Xuan Ha, Marcel Lan Phuong, Bui Thi Thanh, Anh Tuan, Le Quynh, Danièle Delorme, Kieu Anh. Screenplay: Raoul Coutard (based on the novel La Colonne de cendres by Françoise Lorrain).
Twitter Capsule: No surprise radical lefties balked, but "cute kids in peril" is a short-sell of Coutard's rich humanism and deft montage.

Photo © 1970 C.A.P.A.C./Les Productions de la Guéville/
Madeleine Films/Parc Film
Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Foreign Language Film

Other Awards:
Cannes Film Festival: Best First Film

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