The Handmaiden
aka Agassi
First screened in November 2016
Director: Park Chan-wook. Cast: Kim Tae-ri, Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo, Jo Jin-woong, Moon So-ri, Kim Hae-suk, Han Ha-na, Jo Eun-hyung. Screenplay: Park Chan-wook and Jun Seo-kyeong (based on the novel Fingersmith by Sarah Waters).

Twitter Capsule: Bound, but with book binding. Fifty Shades of Korean Cray. I respected the madness and shifty tone but felt little.

VOR:   Unquestionably an audacious showcase in nearly every technical department and for narrative convolution and complex politics of all kinds.

Photo © 2016 Magnolia Pictures/Moho Film/Yong Film

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Cannes Film Festival: Technical Grand Prize (Ryu Seong-hie, production design)
Los Angeles Film Critics Association: Best Foreign Language Film; Best Production Design
Boston Society of Film Critics: Best Cinematography (Chung Chung-hoon)
Chicago Film Critics Association: Best Adapted Screenplay; Best Foreign Language Film; Best Production Design

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