First screened in August 2014
Director: Bruno Dumont. Cast: Julie Sokolowski, Yassine Salime, Karl Sarafidis, David Dewaele, Sabrina Lechône, Brigitte Mayeux-Clerget, Michelle Ardenne, Luc-François Bouyssonie, Marie Castelien. Screenplay: Bruno Dumont.

Twitter Capsule: A curious passion, rigorously photographed. Most affecting when least prescriptive about how it's provoking its audience.

VOR:   Many people have cited this as their favorite Dumont. I'm ambivalent about its more overt claim for topicality. More coherent, less insolent than some of his others, for better and worse.

Photo © 2009 3B Productions/Arte France Cinéma/C.R.R.A.V. Nord Pas de Calais,
© 2010 IFC Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Toronto International Film Festival: FIPRESCI Prize (Special Presentations)

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