Gun Hill Road
First screened in February 2019
Director: Rashaad Ernesto Green. Cast: Esai Morales, Harmony Santana, Judy Reyes, Vanessa Aspillaga, Miriam Colón, Vincent Laresca, Tyrone Brown, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Robin De Jesus, Robert Salzman, Felix Solís, Flaco Navaja, Shirley Rumierk, Gleendilys Inoa, Dennis Johnson, Ceez Liive, Laiza Lee Pierce, Karina Casiano, Robert Prescott, Ron Simons. Screenplay: Rashaad Ernesto Green.

Twitter Capsule: Story could stand more development; weak images outside of close-ups. But film has a tough heart in the right place.

VOR:   First movie I can remember that foregrounds a trans Latinx experience. Attends to many other gendered and sexual crises and compromises, too.

Photo © 2011 Simon Says Entertainment

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

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