Grey Gardens (2009)
Reviewed in December 2009
Director: Michael Sucsy. Cast: Drew Barrymore, Jessica Lange, Justin Louis, Arye Gross, Ken Howard, Malcolm Gets, Daniel Baldwin, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Joshua Peace, Ben Carlson, Kenneth Welsh, Timm Zemanek, Arnold Pinnock. Screenplay: Michael Sucsy and Patricia Rozema (based on a screen story by Michael Sucsy adapted from the 1975 documentary film by Peter and Albert Maysles).

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Not yet reviewed in full. B–

Emmy Award Nominations and Winners:
Best TV Movie
Best Director (Miniseries, Movie, or Special): Michael Sucsy
Best Actress (Miniseries or Movie): Drew Barrymore
Best Actress (Miniseries or Movie): Jessica Lange
Best Supporting Actress (Miniseries or Movie): Jeanne Tripplehorn
Best Supporting Actor (Miniseries or Movie): Ken Howard
Best Writing (Miniseries, Movie, or Special): Michael Sucsy & Patricia Rozema
Best Cinematography (Miniseries or Movie): Mike Eley
Best Art Direction (Miniseries or Movie): Kalina Ivanov; Brandt Gordon & Norma Jean Sanders
Best Costume Design (Miniseries or Movie): Catherine Marie Thomas & Mickey Carleton
Best Single-Camera Film Editing (Miniseries or Movie): Alan Heim & Lee Percy
Best Original Score (Miniseries, Movie, or Special): Rachel Portman
Best Sound Mixing (Miniseries or Movie): Henry Embry and Rick Ash
Best Non-Prosthetic Makeup (Miniseries or Movie): Linda Dowds, Susan Hayward, and Vivian Baker
Best Prosthetic Makeup (Miniseries, Movie, or Special): Vivian Baker, Linda Dowds, Bill Corso, and Sean Sansom
Best Hairstyling (Miniseries or Movie): Jenny Arbour and Nancy E. Warren
Best Casting (Miniseries or Movie): Ellen Parks & Robin D. Cook

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Best Miniseries or TV Movie
Best Actress (TV Movie/Miniseries): Drew Barrymore
Best Actress (TV Movie/Miniseries): Jessica Lange

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