Ghost World
Director: Terry Zwigoff. Cast: Thora Birch, Steve Buscemi, Scarlett Johansson, Brad Renfro, Illeana Douglas, Bob Balaban, Teri Garr, Stacey Travis, Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. Screenplay: Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff (based on the comic books by Daniel Clowes).

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Adapted Screenplay: Daniel Clowes & Terry Zwigoff

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Actress (Musical/Comedy): Thora Birch
Best Supporting Actor: Steve Buscemi

Other Awards:
Independent Spirit Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Buscemi); Best First Screenplay
New York Film Critics Circle: Best Supporting Actor (Buscemi)
National Society of Film Critics: Best Supporting Actor (Buscemi)
National Board of Review: Special Mention for Excellence in Filmmaking

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