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I love to hear your feedback, take your rental suggestions, and get an idea of who is reading these reviews.
Debates, impressions, encouragements, corrections, competing opinions, and (of course!) compliments are always welcomed.
Sharing ideas about the site or about the movies reviewed here (or not reviewed here) is always the best reason to write:
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If you are writing in search of a person or a script...
I do not have any contacts with Hollywood studios, stars, agents, or screenwriters.
My only ideas for obtaining screenplays are to search Amazon.Com for published scripts.
If I had any more wisdom, I'd be happy to share it, but unfortunately, I don't.

If you are writing in search of a rare movie...
Whenever I'm trying to find something out-of-the-way, Facets Video is the first place I check.
They're based in Chicago, but they sell and rent thousands of mainstream, rare, out-of-print, and foreign movies nation-wide.

The website for Kim's Video also has a remarkably broad range and reasonable prices.

Otherwise, eBay is a reliable source of elusive movies, even for films you are sure aren't available.
Just search regularly, and ask your prospective seller all the necessary questions about the item's condition,
print quality, and tape/DVD formatómake sure your movie matches the Region Code of your VCR/DVD player!

Finally, check your local university library, especially if you are near a prominent film school or major liberal-arts college.
These places often have more lying around than you realize, and can sometimes foot the bill for pricey rarities, too.
If you aren't affiliated with the school, films may still be viewable within the library, or by purchasing limited borrower's rights.

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