2001 Academy Awards: Eligible Foreign Language Films

The rules for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar category stipulate that every nation may submit one official candidate, to be selected wholly by that nation, but following an Academy-determined "formula" that "measures" a film's "ethnicity." If this clause sounds bizarre, its effects are even more so: in 1994, Krzysztof Kieslowski's film Red, cast largely with Swiss actors and filmed by a Swiss-heavy crew in Switzerland, was ruled out because it wasn't "sufficiently Swiss." Then, of course, there is the whole issue that maybe two of the year's best foreign language films might be produced in the same country (Iran? Hong Kong? Italy?). The Academy has no taste for such international prolificity, so in the case of Iran, Majid Majidi's Baran is in but Mohsen Makhmalbaf's hypnotic Kandahar and Jafar Panahi's superlative The Circle are left out. (It only raises the "Huh?" Factor that The Circle is eligible for the mainstream awards, while neither Baran nor Kandahar is.)

The following list of 2001's officially submitted Foreign Language Films is alphabetized by nation, so if you're rooting for a particular country, you can easily check out the relevant candidate. Of course, it's always eye-opening to catch as many of these films as possible, so consider bookmarking this page as a left-of-center rental guide!

ALBANIA: Slogans, dir. Gjergi Xhuvani

ALGERIA: Inch'Allah Dimanche, dir. Yamina Benguigui

ARGENTINA: Son of the Bride, dir. Juan José Campanella

ARMENIA: Symphony of Silence, dir. Vigen Chaldranian

AUSTRALIA: La Spagnola, dir. Steve Jacobs

AUSTRIA: The Piano Teacher, dir. Michael Haneke

BELGIUM: Pauline Et Paulette, dir. Lieven Debrauwer

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: No Man's Land, dir. Danis Tanovic

BRAZIL: Behind the Sun, dir. Walter Salles

BULGARIA: Fate as a Rat, dir. Ivan Pavlov

CANADA: Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, dir. Zacharias Kunuk

CHILE: Taxi Para Tres (A Cab for Three), dir. Orlando Lubbert

COLOMBIA: Our Lady of the Assassins, dir. Barbet Schroeder

CROATIA: Queen of the Night, dir. Branko Schmidt

THE CZECH REPUBLIC: Dark Blue World, dir. Jan Sverak

DENMARK: Italian For Beginners, dir. Lone Scherfig

ESTONIA: The Heart of the Bear, dir. Arvo Iho

FINLAND: The River, dir. Jarmo Lampela

FRANCE: Amélie, dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet

GEORGIA: The Migration Of The Angel, dir. Nodar Managadze

GERMANY: Das Experiment, dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel

GREECE: In Good Company, dir. Nikos Zapatinas

HONG KONG: Fulltime Killer, dirs. Johnnie To and Wai Ka Fai

HUNGARY: Abandoned, dir. Arpád Sopsits

ICELAND: The Seagull's Laughter, dir. Agust Gudmudsson

INDIA: Lagaan, dir. Ashutosh Gowariker

IRAN: Baran, dir. Majid Majidi

ISRAEL: Late Marriage, dir. Dover Kosashvilli

ITALY: The Son's Room, dir. Nanni Moretti

JAPAN: Go, dir. Yukisada Isao

KYRGYZSTAN: The Chimp, dir. Aktan Abdykalykov

MEXICO: Perfume De Violetas, dir. Maryse Sistach

THE NETHERLANDS: Nynke, dir. Pieter Verhoeff

NORWAY: Elling, dir. Peter Naess

THE PHILLIPINES: In the Bosom of the Enemy, dir. Gil M. Portes

POLAND: Quo Vadis, dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz

PORTUGAL: Camarate, dir. Luis Filipe Rocha

PUERTO RICO: 12 Hours, dir. Raúl Marchand-Sánchez

RUSSIA: The Romanovs: An Imperial Family, dir. Gleb Panfilov

SLOVENIA: Bread and Milk, dir. Jan Cvitkovic

SPAIN: Mad Love, dir. Vicente Aranda

SWEDEN: Jalla! Jalla!, dir. Josef Fares

SWITZERLAND: L'Éloge De L'Amour (In Praise of Love), dir. Jean-Luc Godard

TAIWAN: The Cabbie, dirs. Zhang Huakun & Chen Yiwen

TANZANIA: Maangamizi, dirs. Martin Mhando & Ron Mulvihill

THAILAND: The Moonhunter, dir. Ñbhandit Rittakol

TURKEY: Büyük Adam Küçük Ask / Hejar, dir. Handan Ipekça

UNITED KINGDOM: Do Not Go Gentle, dir. Emlyn Williams

URUGUAY: In this Tricky Life, dir. Beatriz Flores Silva

VENEZUELA: A House with a View of the Sea, dir. Alberto Arvelo

YUGOSLAVIA: War Live, dir. Darko Bajic

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