Evolution of a Criminal
First screened in October 2014
Director: Darius Clark Monroe. Documentary by and about an ex-convict who became a filmmaker, interviewing his family and accomplices about the robbery he committed as a teenager, and seeking out people who were in the bank or participated in his prosecution. With Dante E. Clark, Vladimi Versailles, Jeremie Harris, Rosalyn Coleman

Twitter Capsule: Man jailed as a teen for robbery tells his and his family's story, with acuity, emotion, impressive craft.

VOR:   As bracing as the film's narrative and perspectival hook already is, Monroe and his family furnish a richer diagnostic of experiential pressures among the lower working-class than we almost ever get.

Photo © 2014 Relative Noise/Aliquot Films/Deerjen Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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