Electra Glide in Blue
First screened in May 2013
Director: James William Guercio. Cast: Robert Blake, Billy Green Bush, Mitch Ryan, Jeannine Riley, Elisha Cook Jr., Royal Dano, Peter Cetera (!), Lee Loughnane, Terry Kath, Hawk Wolinski, Joe Samsil, Walter Parazaider. Screenplay: Robert Boris (based on a screen story by Robert Boris and Rupert Hitzig).

Twitter Capsule: Odd, slithery, sporadically hypnotic cop drama, halfway between Fuller and Friedkin. Blake, Bush well-paired.

VOR:   Conrad Hall! Interesting relay-point between exploitation films and prestige pics of its era, mixing "artistic" touches with visceral appeal. A footnote, but a provocative one.

Photo © 1973 United Artists/Guercio-Hitzig

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Actor (Drama): Robert Blake

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