Dead End (1937)
First screened in December 2015
Director: William Wyler. Cast: Sylvia Sidney, Joel McCrea, Humphrey Bogart, Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, Bernard Punsley, Bobby Jordan, Gabriel Dell, Charles Peck, Wendy Barrie, Allen Jenkins, Ward Bond, Minor Watson, Marjorie Main, Claire Trevor, Marcelle Corday, George Humbert, James Burke, Esther Dale, Elisabeth Risdon, Earl Askam, Wade Boteler, G. Pat Collins, Walter Soderling, Al Bridge, Bud Geary, Charles Halton, Mickey Martin. Screenplay: Lillian Hellman (based on the play by Sidney Kingsley).

Twitter Capsule: Some of the studio era's most sweeping camera movements, navigating its grandest set, orbiting one of its strongest casts.

VOR:   An apex in ensemble playing. A landmark of production design. A forceful but nuanced address to class friction, labor disputes, and urban growth. A franchise launch. A Wyler peak.

Photo © 1937 The Samuel Goldwyn Company

Not yet reviewed in full, but you can read more about Claire Trevor's performance here. Grade: A

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Picture
Best Supporting Actress: Claire Trevor
Best Cinematography: Gregg Toland
Best Art Direction: Richard Day

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