The Corn Is Green (1945)
First screened in January 2010
Director: Irving Rapper. Cast: Bette Davis, John Dall, Nigel Bruce, Joan Lorring, Mildred Dunnock, Rhys Williams, Rosalind Ivan, Arthur Shields, Thomas Louden, Gwyneth Hughes. Screenplay: Casey Robinson and Frank Cavett (based on the play by Emlyn Williams).

Twitter Capsule: Davis reteams with Voyager director, minus the perversity or the all-pro ensemble. So much toil, so little silk.

VOR:   I should revisit the film before casting such severe judgment, but it's amazing how little of a lasting impression it makes despite the war-horse status of the play.

Photo © 1945 Warner Bros. Pictures

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Supporting Actress: Joan Lorring
Best Supporting Actor: John Dall

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