Come to the Stable
First screened in February 2006 / Most recently screened in June 2008
Director: Henry Koster. Cast: Loretta Young, Celeste Holm, Hugh Marlowe, Elsa Lanchester, Dorothy Patrick, Dooley Wilson, Thomas Gomez, Basil Ruysdael, Regis Toomey, Walter Baldwin. Screenplay: Sally Benson and Oscar Millard (based on a story by Clare Booth Luce).

Twitter Capsule: Safe, sweet, vapid alternative for those who found Song of Bernadette too close to soul searching, or too long.

VOR:   Surely among the most lightweight entertainments to receive seven Oscar nominations. If anything, its guileless evocations of faith and decency make it a halfway-interesting artifact.

Photo © 1949 20th Century Fox

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Actress: Loretta Young
Best Supporting Actress: Celeste Holm
Best Supporting Actress: Elsa Lanchester
Best Original Story: Clare Booth Luce
Best Cinematography (Black & White): Joseph LaShelle
Best Art Direction (Black & White): Lyle R. Wheeler and Joseph C. Wright; Thomas Little and Paul S. Fox
Best Original Song: "Through a Long and Sleepless Night"

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Best Picture (Drama)

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