The Color of Money
First screened in July 2016
Director: Martin Scorsese. Cast: Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Helen Shaver, John Turturro, Bill Cobbs, Robert Agins, Elizabeth Bracco, Forest Whitaker, Bruce A. Young, Alvin Anastasia, Vito D'Ambrosio, Joe Guastaferro, Steve Mizerak, Jerry Piller. Screenplay: Richard Price (based on the novel by Walter Tevis).

Twitter Capsule: Scorsese at half-throttle, but we know how it looks when he's straining for import. I'll take snazzy pleasures.

VOR:   Is this film a commercial throwaway, or a well-oiled entertainment and gratifying exercise in character resurrection (and reburial) disguised as a throwaway? Is it hustling us?

Photo © 1986

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Academy Award Nominations and Winners:
Best Actor: Paul Newman
Best Supporting Actress: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Best Adapted Screenplay: Richard Price
Best Art Direction: Boris Leven; Karen O'Hara

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Best Actor (Drama): Paul Newman
Best Supporting Actress: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Other Awards:
National Board of Review: Best Actor (Newman)

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