Closet Monster
First screened in September 2016
Director: Stephen Dunn. Cast: Connor Jessup, Sofia Banzhaf, voice of Isabella Rossellini, Aaron Abrams, Jack Fulton, Joanne Kelly, Jinji Dawson, Meghan Cullen, Mary Walsh, Aliocha Schneider, Jonathan Watton, James Hawksley. Screenplay: Stephen Dunn.

Twitter Capsule: Gay coming-of-age tale with visual moxie, extending empathy to each character without going easy or soft on any.

VOR:   I'd hardly fault a movie for "originality" when so much of it is devoted to a talking hamster. Still, the impression is a bit fleeting.

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© 2016 Strand Releasing

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Toronto Film Festival: Best Canadian Feature Film

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