The Circle (2014)
aka Der Kreis
First screened in October 2014
Director: Stefan Haupt. Documentary blended with dramatic reenactments, profiling the lives of gay men, their social relations, and their covert publications in post-World War II Switzerland. Cast: Matthias Hungerbühler, Sven Schelker, Ueli Jäggi, Anatole Taubman, Peter Jecklin, Sebastian Ledesma, Aaron Hitz, Stefan Witschi, Antoine Monot, Jr., Marianne Sägebrecht. Screenplay: Stefan Haupt, Christian Felix, Urs Frey, and Ivan Madeo.

Twitter Capsule: Social-subcultural history is even more gripping than romance. Neither feels fully fleshed out; some awkward execution.

VOR:   Both the period recreations and the contemporary interview profiles contribute to a valuable and overlooked gay sociology. And the generic mix is interesting, even if I didn't always respond.

Photo © 2014 Contrast Film/Wolfe Video

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

Berlin International Film Festival: Teddy Award (Documentary)

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