Child of God
First screened in September 2013
Director: James Franco. Cast: Scott Haze, Tim Blake Nelson, Jim Parrack, Nina Ljeti, Elena McGhee, Fallon Goodson, Terrance Huff, Boyd Smith, James Franco, Vince Jolivette, Shayne Workman, Ethan Cline, Michael Holstine. Screenplay: Vince Jolivette and James Franco (based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy).

Twitter Capsule: Early, iffy McCarthy novel gets earnest, proficient go-round from Franco & Co. Visible straining for dubious effects.

VOR:   Expands data-set for testing how to adapt McCarthy and how to push your actors and your audience out to far-off limbs. Value of both projects remains in doubt, but it's a stab, anyway.

Photo © 2013 Rabbit Bandini Productions

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C

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