Blue Ruin
First screened in September 2013
Director: Jeremy Saulnier. Cast: Macon Blair, Amy Hargreaves, Devin Ratray, Kevin Kolack, David W. Thompson, Eve Plumb, Stacy Rock, Brent Werzner, Sidné Anderson, Bonnie Johnson. Screenplay: Jeremy Saulnier.

Twitter Capsule: Muscular revenge thriller veined with black comedy. Fellow Virginians may detect NoVa/downstate tensions. Ace last shot.

VOR:   Succeeds precisely as taut execution of broadly familiar recipe. Qualified points for originality, then, but it's got some sweet moves. Keeping an eye out for Saulnier & Co.

Photo © 2013 Film Science/Neighborhood Watch/RADiUS-TWC

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

Cannes Film Festival: FIPRESCI Prize (Director's Fortnight)

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