Black Bread
aka Pa negre
First screened in January 2019
Director: Agustí Villaronga. Cast: Francesc Colomer, Roger Casamajor, Nora Navas, Marina Comas, Lluïsa Castell, John Mejía, Mercè Arànega, Laia Marull, Sergi López, Marina Gatell, Elisa Crehuet, Andrés Herrera, Pep Tosar, Lázaro Mur, Jordi Pla, Andrea Caro, Laia Marull, Eduard Fernández, Joan Carles Suau. Screenplay: Agustí Villaronga (based on the novel by Emili Teixidor).

Twitter Capsule: Handsomely lensed, child-centered, post-Franco mystery-drama from Spain. As in many others, facets don't fully fuse.

VOR:   Despite striking start and high production values, the images, actors, and story "twists" mostly feel familiar, spanning the elegant and the tacky.

Photo © 2010 Massa d'Or Produccions/TV3

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Goya Awards (Spanish Oscars): Best Film; Best Director; Best Actress (Navas); Best Supporting Actress (Marull); Best New Actress (Comas); Best New Actor (Colomer); Best Adapted Screenplay; Best Cinematography (Antonio Riestra); Best Production Design (Ana Alvargonzález)

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