Raising Bertie – Edge of Tomorrow – The Day He Arrives – Zama – Pina – Tabu – Get Out

Among the nearly 2,000 new films I saw this past decade, I found these the freshest in concept, richest in ambition, craftiest in execution, or plain hardest to forget. Joint citations are for movies that share artists or themes, and for which I feel nearly equal awe. Honorable mentions, scattered throughout, are for films that would miss this list on their own but merit a warm shout. I hope you hunt down titles new to you, or rewatch those you know, and share your reactions.

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Moonlight, © 2016 A24/Plan B Entertainment The Tree of Life, © 2011 Fox Searchlight Pictures
Faust, © 2011 Proline Films Morvern Callar, © 2002 Palm Pictures/Cowboy Pictures/Alliance Atlantis/BBC Scotland Things to Come, © 2016 CG Cinéma/Detailfilm/Arté France Cinéma/Rhöne-Alpes Cinéma