Away with Words
aka San tiao ren
First screened in May 2020
Director: Christopher Doyle. Cast: Tadanobu Asano, Kevin Sherlock, Mavis Xu, Takanori Kubo, Christa Hughes, Georgina Hobson. Screenplay: Christopher Doyle and Tony Rayns.

Twitter Capsule: Doyle directs with raffish undiscipline of a gallerist dying to print a zine, a painter scratching on stall walls.

Second Capsule: Doyle definitely conjures a milieu. His intuitions for color and framing keep this going. But his name's the only reason this played Cannes.

VOR:   A late-90s festival-targeted Hong Kong movie about indolent, boozy, unlikely characters washing up into each other? "Fresh" is not the term.

Photo © 1999 Time Warp, Inc.

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

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