An Affair of Love
aka Une liaison pornographique
First screened in Fall 2000 / Most recently screened in February 2020
Director: Frédéric Fonteyne. Cast: Nathalie Baye, Sergi López, Paul Pavel, Sylvie Van den Elsen, Pierre Géranio, Hervé Sogne, voice of Jacques Viala. Screenplay: Philippe Blasband.

Twitter Capsule: Disarmingly economical tactics for X-raying attraction, hesitation, and selective memory. Baye, López are great.

VOR:   I'm not sure how "original" this is, but the emphasis on middle-aged sexuality is always welcome. Fresh idea to examine sex while barely depicting it.

Photo © 1999 Artémis Productions, © 2000 Fine Line Features

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

(in 2000: B)

Venice Film Festival: Best Actress (Baye)

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