Monday, January 14, 2008

Me David, Blogger Goliath

It's a little hard to believe this, but I had to manually type the html and java codes for a Blogger entry in order to rescue my Golden Globes live-blogging from the unfathomable vacuum of Blogger FTP'ing. And I am now hand-writing this entry, too—since Blogger still isn't accepting any new posts or revisions to posts from my own Blogger interface.

All to say that if you want to read the entire live-blog transcript for last night's entry, just click on the "6:48 PM" time signature or the "4 COMMENTS" link at the bottom of the post. Having done that, if you want to read all 38 comments thus far, and not the "4" that Blogger erroneously advertises, you'll have to click the "POST A COMMENT" link at the very bottom of the entry.

I wish it had been a wittier, richer, kinder, gentler live-blog to be worth all of this trouble. Just one more way for this year's awards season to explode in barely-explicable ways, I guess. But seriously: these Blogger shenanigans are even weirder than 3:10 to Yuma getting a SAG Ensemble nod, and even weirder than Across the Universe getting a Golden Globe Best Picture nomination. Well, almost that weird.



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